DIY glass speaker! How to build your own.

In this video I'll be showing you how to build your very own glass Bluetooth speaker, with an integrated LED filament light to mimic an Edison lightbulb or an old valve amplifier!
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Links to the various items needed for this project:

3D Files for printing (includes tutorial): (FREE for Patreon contributors)

LED Filaments:
Adjustable Voltage Regulator (for LED Filaments):

Speaker: (out of stock so price is unusually high at the mo!)
Bluetooth Module:
5V Power Isolator (powers the Bluetooth module):
5V Regulator (powers the above isolator):

Copper Wire:
Power Adapter:

Circuit 'diagrams' (just shows you where to connect the wires):

Acetone smoothing video:

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  • DIY Perks
    DIY Perks3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Oh, btw, don't forget that I'm now on

  • skorpioflo
    skorpioflo3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Apart from your amazing inventions, you've got a really good taste for colour grading and visuals, I love your work! ;)

  • Constant Throwing
    Constant Throwing3 ปีที่แล้ว

    I swear to god every aspect of every project you do is so amazingly executed.

  • Abdega
    Abdega3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Here’s what I love about your channel:

  • Tomas Viane
    Tomas Viane2 ปีที่แล้ว

    You're like the Bob Ross of electronics ;-)

  • Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen
    Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Matt, you are a genius! I love your projects. Did you ever consider letting some of your products into production?

  • MrGreenAKAguci00
    MrGreenAKAguci002 ปีที่แล้ว

    Dude, you've come a long way with your speakers. I truly appreciate how you are displaying the audio quality. Hope to see further progress on that.

  • Evert Chin
    Evert Chin3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Amazing video as always but i think "filament" could be slightly twisted into double helix shape making it far more interesting to look at.

  • Carlo M
    Carlo M3 ปีที่แล้ว

    I really loved this project. It looks amazing. I was wondering if a similar project would work refurbishong an old oil lamp... I mean... keeping the looks but acting as a speaker.

  • DeadPool ODST
    DeadPool ODST3 ปีที่แล้ว

    I really like how you grasp the idea of Home DIY, high tech Computers, and Art all into one. Really cool!

  • Source Port Entertainment
    Source Port Entertainment3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Excellent project Matt! Just useful and it looks great! Keep up the good work! - Danny

  • lukeybaby45
    lukeybaby452 ปีที่แล้ว

    You really do build the most wonderful things, thank you for sharing them!

  • Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PIC
    Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PICปีที่แล้ว

    Wow, if you hadn't told me otherwise, I would never have guessed that was a drinking glass. Thank you for your time and sharing. This just might be my speakers for my XM radio. I just got the siriusxm tour receiver and that thing is freaking awesome!

  • Mundo Electrónica
    Mundo Electrónica3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Really really nice, it's a really cool project, great job man!

  • Chris Schultz
    Chris Schultz3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Awesome build! I love your videos. Thank you for another great build idea.

  • Peter Schmid
    Peter Schmid3 ปีที่แล้ว

    I love these videos. Your concrete speaker inspired me to do a wooden speaker of my own, and now I have inspiration for my next project!

  • David Tennant
    David Tennant3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Not only do I learn from these videos, I feel

  • Zero Tech
    Zero Tech3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Great video I really want to try this out now but with a couple modifications. I noticed you mentioned that the leds weren’t reaching the maximum potential so I think adding something like a potentiometer to be able to dim or increase the brightness would be nice to have rather the just being stuck at a mid voltage. The second thing would be to make two of them so you wouldn’t have to change it from stereo to mono plus I think having two on a desk would look really nice 😁

  • xclusive2b
    xclusive2b2 ปีที่แล้ว

    So many things learned from this short video! Love your inspiration and attention to detail you give! Well done

  • Karina C
    Karina C3 ปีที่แล้ว

    Your creativity and imagination strike me each time I watch your new video! This looks amazing