The super-spec portable PC suitcase

This is what happens when cutting edge desktop hardware meets portability! Also, visit for your first month COMPLETELY FREE!

The amazing 50hz subwoofer:

Crucial RAM:

144hz laptop panels:

DC PSU solution:

Big thanks to Synology for the backup NAS system!

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  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse

    Can't believe that backplate was done by hand not CNC, mine would look more like someone took to it with a hatchet...! Stunning build, as always :P

  • Vetanenator

    "At first glance, this might appear to be a suitcase"

  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese

    Adding a leather “case” to sheath the outside would make it more weather proof and less computer/bomb looking

  • Rogue Innovations
    Rogue Innovations

    Matt - “7 hours of gaming manageable with my homemade power bank”

  • Örn Arnarson
    Örn Arnarson

    Upon seeing the build: This man is a genius. Upon seeing him playing the Merc in Rocket League: And a psychopath.

  • Qsie

    Imagine seeing Linus evaluate this beastcase.

  • Adam Bhatti
    Adam Bhatti

    I have nothing but respect for hard working people like you.

  • Ian Clayton
    Ian Clayton

    Matt: "At first glance, this might appear to be a suitcase"

  • Vytian

    Tbh if I ever had something like this I'd probably see about getting/making an external shell to put it in when on the go, as I'm not sure if I quite trust a single piece of leather to protect the central screen from impacts, not to mention keeping all the ports clean. Since it'd be off and not used often when in this shell I imagine the lack of proper airflow wouldn't be too much of an issue

  • Daniel DKing
    Daniel DKing

    Wow Matt this is seriously some of the coolest thing I've ever seen anyone build this. It's something I would like to own. Something you could bring to a lan party and be like the king of the place wow absolutely wonderful and just awesome keep building cool things Matt you rock keeping it cool

  • Nadeem Choudhury
    Nadeem Choudhury

    Probably one of the most impressive builds of anything I've seen on THmy as so much of it was done by hand and not thousands of £s worth of machinery.

  • 1pierce1

    I had the idea to do this with a briefcase and just thought how cool and useful it would be to have something fully functional and portable, I'm glad you made actually made it. never imagined id see that idea for real and with literally no compromise

  • A Mere Creator
    A Mere Creator

    I am glad you make videos, otherwise we wouldn't get to see your far out and well executed ideas

  • OogahBoogah Overwatch
    OogahBoogah Overwatch

    This reminds me of an idea that I've had for the last few years, a portable high-performance pc/laptop hybrid more or less. My thought was, it would be cool if you could take your home pc on a flight with little hassle. The briefcase could work as a carry-on, but might be subject to dings and would likely be impossible to access mid-flight. My thought was, without having seen this video, was to build a custom mini-itx that could fit inside of a backpack, loaded up, as well as somehow getting a display on/into the backpack that's viewable when you set the bag on its side, so you can use it on the go, pretty much anywhere there's a table (so long as you have charge) ;).

  • Electronic Music 2017
    Electronic Music 2017

    Great job mate! If everyone had the opportunity and time to do what they like, this planet would be on a whole another level. Keep doing what you love ❤

  • Nigel Marston
    Nigel Marston

    I was confident my own PC would be "higher end" than this when I heard the initial claim but when Matt mentioned "16 cores" I knew I'd lost. 😭

  • Daniel Ecker
    Daniel Ecker

    Once again, Matt shows up everybody with his massive stud factor. What a boss.

  • System Overload
    System Overload

    Beautiful design and build. I was looking for tutorials to try my hand at building my own PC case and this is one of the first videos that came up. Immediately subscribed!

  • Nincadalop

    "At first glance, this might appear to be a-"

  • Daniel Ramskill
    Daniel Ramskill

    Your final comments on improvements made me think of Framework, the self-proclaimed first ever modular laptop maker. This build is spacious enough to become modular in the same way while leaving tons of room for reducing size and weight.